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About Rainbow Roofing

A Roofing Company You Can Trust

Rainbow Roofing Master is a Florida certified contractor that has been serving the community for over 15 years in Miami – Dade and Broward counties. We are conveniently located and can service the following communities: Miami Beach, Miami, South Miami, Coral Gables , Pinecrest , Palmetto Bay and all the sorrounding areas. Our experience allows us to be experts in the field of being able to work with any roofing surface or roofing project here in South Florida. We have repaired , replaced and installed roofs everywhere in South Florida . We specialize in residential roofs, commercial roofs and Industrial roofs and have a vast experience in retail buildings.

Building owners, homeowners and property managers in Miami-Dade and Broward counties have trusted Rainbow Roofing Master to keep their most valuable assets protected from the many catastrophic acts of Mother Nature. We have been voted as the best roofing companies in Miami. We are a family owned and owner operated business as a leading provider of superior roof systems and services. There are many Miami roofing companies to choose from and year after year Rainbow Roofing Master has been voted as the #1 roofing companies in Miami.

We only use the best roofing materials and supplies in the industry so that we can protect your biggest investment whether it be your home or your business. Our quality of work , our experience and our reputation has allowed us to become the #1 roofing company in South Florida and just like many succesful business we pride ourselves in referrals from our most important partners - " OUR CUSTOMERS ". In order to continue being the best Miami roofing company for all of your residential and commercial needs, we at Rainbow Roofing Master are dedicated to top–quality workmanship. We will continuously train and educate all of our employees so that they can be on top of the changes of the industry. Our promise to our customers is that we will continue to be the premier roofing company of South Florida. We will always be the best of the best among Miami roofing companies in South Florida.

Our roofing and waterproofing expertise is not limited to mere estimates but also includes a glossary of full roofing, waterproofing and home improvement terminology as well as contractor advisory. We can also provide you with FREE ESTIMATES and INSPECTIONS. We are FAMILY OWNED and EMPLOYEE owned for over 20 years.