Certified roofers and roofing Company in Miami, FL

Rainbow Roofing and Tile is a full service Residential and Commercial Roofing Company that services the greater South Florida area. We do Roofing installations, replacements, and repairs, which are all backed with a full warranty on workmanship and materials. Licensed and insured, our business was founded on the highest standards of professional Roofing services and we have not looked back. Not every roof needs to be replaced, and we are here to present an absolutely reliable, totally professional assessment. 80% of our business comes from customer referral.

We have earned a GAF CERTIFIED ROOFING CONTRACTOR status, along with other Certifications for being a well established company and experts in our field. We use roof jacks on all steep roofs and we carry OSHA-approved safety equipment for all of our roofers. We step flash all walls and install an advanced Leak Barrier in valleys and crickets of chimneys. We stand behind all of our work with written warranties. Please navigate through our website and inform yourself of all the additional roof certifications that we have earned. We are located in Miami-Dade and look forward to many years of excellent service and reputation.