Industry Experts Share What to Expect and How to Prepare for a Residential Re-roofing Project

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By its nature, the roof structure endures high temperatures, brutal winds, and harsh rain, which all degrade the materials over time. Even though roofs are a long-lasting element of the home structure, roofing materials cannot last forever. There comes a time when every roof will need replacement which comes with many considerations, explains Miami-Dade and Broward county professional roofing contractor Rainbow Roofing Master Corp.

Even a well-maintained roof will eventually need to be replaced. While a new roof installation can be exciting, it needs some preparation to avoid problems, delays, or damages. Here are the top ways to prepare to work with a roofing contractor on a residential re-roofing project.

Preparing the Home For a Roof Replacement

Even though roofers will not need to be inside the home, things still need to be done inside before a roof replacement because the process vibrates the entire structure, so it is necessary to take some precautions.


  • Remove any valuable or sentimental items in the attic and store them at floor level.
  • Protect any items remaining in the attic by covering them with durable tarps.
  • Remove wall decor. The vibrations from hammering can knock decorations off walls and shelves.

Preparing a Yard for a Roof Replacement Project

roofing contractor and their crew will need access to the yard during a new roof installation. On the surface, this sounds obvious, but it entails extra considerations.


  • Cars will need alternative parking during the process to avoid damage from falling debris. Since garages are not insulated, parking a car in the garage is not advisable as there is no protection from falling debris.
  • The roofing contractor will need the driveway cleared to manage both old and new roofing material, which will likely include the temporary placement of a dumpster to receive old roofing material.
  • Clear toys, outdoor furniture, grills, and any other outdoor decor away from the work area. Workers will need access around the house and at least a 15-foot clearance for falling debris. Anything within the work area can be a hazard to the workers and may become damaged in the process.
  • Prune trees and bushes before the re-roofing project. Ensure all trees and bushes are away from the roof and work area, as they may pose a hazard to workers and slow down the project.
  • Cut the lawn at the lowest level to make it easier to spot potential hazards, such as nails, that have been left behind.
  • Talk to the roofing contractor about any plants or trees they should take extra care to avoid in the yard, or mark them in some way to identify areas they need to avoid completely.
  • Mark sprinklers with washable high visibility paint, neon-colored tape, or flags, so they are not accidentally broken.

Have a Plan for Children, Pets, and Others in the Home

A roofing project is noisy and involves having many people on the property, which may involve special consideration for those staying in the home during re-roofing.


  • Be aware that the yard may not be secured during working hours.
  • The yard is not safe for children or animals during the roofing process.
  • Understand that the property may have increased hazards during the process, such as materials dropping from overhead and nails on the ground.
  • Pets can become very frightened by things such as air compressors and banging, and they may try to escape. Be sure pets are properly secured during the process, or have them stay with friends or a qualified kennel.
  • It may be difficult to sleep or nap during working hours which may be a consideration for homes with babies, small children, or those who work nights and sleep days.
  • The noise may also be problematic for anyone working from home and whose job requires a quiet space. It may be necessary to relocate for a few days to get work done.

Finding the Best Roofing Contractor in Miami

When looking for a roofing contractor for roof replacement, it is important to find qualified professionals. Rainbow Roofing Master Corp., the Miami area expert, has over 30 years of commercial and residential roofing industry experience. The company is trusted by Miami area residents and is an accredited business with the BBB. As a locally owned company, Rainbow Roofing Master Corp. proudly provides the community with the highest quality work and customer service in the industry.

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