Miami Roofing Experts Share Details about Buying a Home That Needs Roof Repairs or A New Roof

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For homebuyers, a roof in poor condition is a huge concern. With years of experience in the Miami-Dade and Broward county areas, expert roofing contractor, Rainbow Roofing Master, shares some vital information about roof conditions and home sales.

Why Roof Condition Matters When Buying a Home

The roof is one of the most important structures of any home. It is responsible for closing and protecting the “envelope” of the home. This means that it prevents elements such as water from causing a multitude of different types of damage. It also keeps the inside environment stable so that heating and cooling do not escape through the roof. Because of these, it is important to know the condition of the roof and when it was last re-roofed.

Roofing Contractors Know That Poor Roof Conditions Lead to Other Problems

Most people do not know that roof damage can lead to many other types of problems. These problems include:


  • Energy losses and increased energy expenses
  • Water infiltration can damage the walls, ceilings, framing, electrical systems, and foundation
  • The presence of water can cause health hazards such as mold growth
  • Roof damage can lead to pest infestations


A home inspection should identify these problems if they exist, but it is always advisable to get an independent and thorough inspection when buying a home. Talking to a roofing contractor can also help identify roof-related problems.


How to Identify Roof Problems

Potential homebuyers frequently ask roofing contractors what the signs are that indicate a home needs a new roof. Some signs are obvious, while others may be surprising.


  • Missing shingles
  • Granules in the rain gutters
  • Balding, cupping, curling, cracking, and loose shingles
  • Rotting or discolored shingles
  • Shingles in poor condition over several layers of older shingles
  • Water stains on the inside of the attic or walls
  • Saggy-looking walls or paint
  • The presence of pest activity on the roof
  • Roofing nails that have come loose and are on the ground
  • A roof that is older than 15 years old

Should a Person Buy a Home With Roof Problems?

In most cases, needing a new roof is not going to hold up a sale from a mortgage lender’s perspective. Lenders do require a homeowner’s policy and that policy might require repairs to be made prior to closing. As a general rule, if the damage is considerable enough to be noticed from the ground, it will need to be repaired before insurance will cover the home.


This impacts who is responsible for the cost of repairs – either the current homeowner or the buyer. What repairs are made and who is responsible depends on the agreement reached between the parties. Covering the cost of the roof can be handled in many ways, including:


  • Money is put aside in escrow specifically for roof repair
  • The seller lowers the sale price of the house
  • The seller has the roof repaired
  • Buyer and seller share the costs of the roof repair

When Should a Buyer Walk Away?

In most cases, roofing problems can be resolved by a qualified roofing contractor and do not need to prevent the purchase of the dream home. However, it is still important to have a local Miami roofing contractor inspect the roof and provide a detailed report of its condition and plan for resolution. Having this information can help in negotiating the price of the home and who is responsible for the roof repairs. If the costs of repair or replacement are substantial and the current homeowners are not willing to negotiate, it may be time to consider alternatives.


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