Rainbow Roofing Master Corp. Discusses Staying in the Home During Re-roofing

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Eventually, there comes a time when every home needs its roof replaced. With that comes many logistical questions, such as whether or not it is possible to live in the home during the re-roofing process. While the answer is yes, the practicality of doing so depends on several considerations, explains Miami-Dade and Broward county professional roofing contractor Rainbow Roofing Master Corp.

What is the Reason for Re-roofing?

One of the most significant factors in whether or not it is practical to live in the home during the process is the reason behind the need to have the home re-roofed. One reason could be the age of the roof. Another reason, which is common in Miami, is the roof needs replacement in the wake of a severe storm. The more pressing the need, the more important it is to remove any hindrances in getting the job done quickly. It is always best to check with the roofing contractor to find out if staying in the home would cause any delay to the project.

Is it Practical to Stay in a Home During Re-roofing?

In most cases, staying home during re-roofing is possible, but it is not always practical. Depending on the size and complexity of the roof, a roofing project can take up to two weeks to complete. During that time, a crew of workers on the property will need the gate open, which can be a problem for families with children or pets due to safety concerns. It is also a noisy process that can be problematic for those who work nights and sleep days or have small children napping. It can also present a problem for those who work from home and need a quiet space to conduct business.

Top Things to Consider When You Stay at Home During Re-roofing

Before electing to stay at home during a big re-roofing project, it is important to talk to the roofing contractor to discuss the scope and timeline of the project and to let them know of the intention to stay. The contractor may provide a list of considerations to help make the process easier. Here are a few of the top considerations and recommendations.


  • Be aware that the yard may not be secured during working hours.
  • Do not let pets or children out alone during the re-roofing process.
  • Pets can become very frightened by the noise of things such as air compressors and banging, and they may try to escape. Be sure pets are properly secured during the process, or have them stay with friends or a qualified kennel.
  • Understand that the property may have increased hazards during the process, such as materials dropping from overhead and nails on the ground.
  • It may be necessary to park cars elsewhere to provide access for the roofing contractor and the crew and to protect vehicles from any falling debris.
  • The roofing process may cause additional dust indoors, so protecting delicate or valuable objects is essential.
  • The roofing process may vibrate the walls, which can cause objects on shelves to fall and break. Take care to secure any valuable items.

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