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Miami Roof Repair Service

Roofing in Miami is an extremely difficult project for many roofing companies because of difficult challenges of the weather we face here in South Florida. Miami is our homebase and we specialize in ” keeping the rain out “.

At Rainbow Roofing and Tile, we specialize in the unique roofing needs of residential and commercial building owners throughout Miami and the surrounding areas of Florida. We possess over 20 years of experience providing the roofing repairs, installation and maintenance that your building structures require. We understand that not all roof repairs Miami building owners have are the same. That is why we work closely with the building owner to determine the products and materials that would provide them with the most desired results that will last them for many years to come.

Common roof repairs that are encountered by residential building owners throughout Miami and the surrounding areas of Florida include:

  • Loose, damaged or missing shingles that can allow water leaks on the interior of the home
  • Wooden underlayment that is rotting or deteriorating
  • Seems around the chimneys, eaves, gullies and roof vents that allow water leaking to occur
  • Eaves that are damaged or missing that allow water to seep between the siding and interior walls of the home
  • Improperly installed ventilation that allows comfortable indoor temperatures to escape

Whenever water is allowed to leak into the home or moisture builds up in the ceilings and interior walls of the building structure, the prevalence of microorganisms such as algae, mold or mildew can occur. These problems create unhealthy atmospheres throughout the home that can cause your family and household pets to experience medical ailments that range from mild to very severe. Our team of reputable contractors that provide the service for roof repairs Miami residents are in need of have the training and expertise to correct these problems in an efficient and affordable manner.

Commercial building owners throughout Miami, FL have found that Rainbow Roofing and Tile has been able to provide them with the roof repairs on their building facilities in a reputable manner, as well. There are no jobs that are too big or small for our expert roofing contractors to handle. We understand that when providing roofing repair services for commercial building owners it is important to ensure that the services are delivered in a fashion in which these businesses encounter minimal disruptions to their daily work practices. Each of our contractors has passed strict background and security checks to ensure that your business facilities, employees and customers are never placed in jeopardy when your roofing systems is being repaired.