What Does a Good Roof Installation Look Like?

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A roof replacement is costly, so ensuring a job is done right is critical to protecting that investment. Under the right conditions, a typical roof may last as long as twenty years when properly installed. However, not all roofing contractors have the same level of skills and experience, which may reflect in the installation, says trusted Miami-Dade and Broward county roofing contractor Rainbow Roofing Master.

Roofing systems are much more complex than they seem, and when not installed properly, they can lead to many problems, such as premature roof failure. Because of this, it is important to know what a properly installed roof looks like and the signs of poor installation.

Signs of a Quality Versus Poor Roof Installation

While the actual roofing system is complex, spotting a quality roofing job is not. Here are the top signs of a great roofing installation.

Proper Sheathing or Decking

Roof decking, or sheathing, is the flat, thin sheets of wood that span the trusses and support the rest of the roofing materials. If the roof needs replacing, it is very likely that at least parts of the decking have rot or damage and should be replaced. A professional roofing contractor will invest time in correcting any deficiencies in the decking before proceeding to shingle the roof.

Quality Underlayment

Roof underlayment is the water-repelling protective layer that lies between the roof sheathing and the shingles. This provides an additional layer of protection from the elements. Underlayment is only visible during the roofing process, and it is one step a dishonest or inexperienced roofer may skip. If the roofing contractor is not using underlayment in their process, that is a sign that you should not proceed further until it is applied.

The Roof Has Drip Edge Flashing

Drip edge flashing is a thin metal strip installed at the roof’s edge under the roofing materials. It helps direct water away from the fascia, which helps prevent roof rot and protects against pest infestation in the attic.

The Roof Appears Smooth, Uniform, and Even

It is important to look at the roof from various angles and in different lights to help identify any irregularities. Look for different shades of shingles that could indicate other materials used. Pattern variations can mean an improper placement process, and dips or sagging can tell that the roof needs new decking.

There is No Debris Left Over

A final sign of a quality roofing contractor is that the roofing company did not leave any debris behind once completed. While this does not necessarily mean the actual roofing job was poor, it could indicate a lack of care and professionalism.

How to Avoid a Bad Roof Installation

A roof replacement is a sizable investment, but it is no place to cut corners. As tempting as it may be to trust less qualified roofers, getting the installation right is critical to getting the most out of the investment in longevity and effectiveness.


Here’s how to avoid a bad roof installation:


  • Trust a recognized roofing contractor
  • Vet your options by talking to previous clients
  • Ask questions about the process and what is included
  • Review the contract thoroughly before signing

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