What Does it Mean When a Contractor Bids in Roofing Squares?

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Anyone researching roofing or calling local roofing contractors for an estimate will likely hear the term “roofing squares” many times. Those outside the industry often assume that the term refers to square feet or square yards. However, a roofing square is a measurement that is unique to the industry and an important one to understand, explains leading Miami-Dade and Broward county roofing contractor, Rainbow Roofing Master.


What is a Roofing Square?

When discussing the number of shingles needed for a roofing installation, a roofing contractor will refer to that amount in a unit of measure called a square. This unit is equal to 100 square feet, or 10×10.

How Many Squares Does a House Need

To determine the number of squares a home will need, the contractor takes the square feet and then converts them into roofing squares. For example, a roof that is 2,000 square feet will need 20 squares.


Here are a few additional things to remember when researching how many squares a home will need. First, a roofing square may not cover 100 square feet precisely, as there is some overlapping in the roofing process. Next, when estimating the amount, it is important to understand that you are considering the measurement of the roof’s entire surface, with all its peaks and valleys. More complex roof styles and features such as skylights, vents, and dormers also impact the number of squares.


To factor in the pitch, the roofing contractor takes the number of squares and then multiples them according to these factors:


  • Low Pitch: 1.07 x Roofing Squares
  • Medium Pitch: 1.185 x Roofing Squares
  • High Pitch: 1.36 x Roofing Squares

Estimating Roofing Costs

Many factors play a role in the cost of a roof replacement. The cost of roofing materials depends on the market and can vary significantly due to several factors, such as supply shortages or increased manufacturing costs. The type of material also plays a role as, like in all things, there is a range in the price and quality of products available on the market.


By far, the most significant factor in roof cost is the size of the roof. The roof size determines how many squares of shingles are needed and how much labor will be going into the job.


For many people, breaking down the roof cost is easier in a more familiar unit of measurement. Fortunately, this is fairly simple. To break down the cost, take the cost per square and divide it by 100. So if the cost per square is $700, the cost per square foot is $7.00.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Roofing Contractor

A roof is a significant investment, and a roofing system is more complex than it seems. Hiring a reputable and experienced roofing contractor ensures that the roofing installation is done correctly. With proper installation, the roofing system will last longer, do its job more effectively, and provide a much better return on investment.

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